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Celebrating the Life of Henry Ford Tori Tellem and Andrew Schuth, 7/30/2013

Celebrating the life of Henry Ford is perhaps the most important part of Blue Oval history. But celebrations and events have really ramped up recently! That’s because Henry’s 150th birthday is July 30, 2013. And the state of Michigan recently named that date Henry Ford Day!

Both the Michigan House and Michigan Senate adopted resolutions earlier this year to acknowledge Henry Ford’s impact on the automotive industry and on society at large. The resolutions note, “He is recognized for his pioneering spirit and innovation that put the world on wheels, and we honor his contribution to significant social and economic progress.”

There are myriad reasons to fest how he changed the automotive industry and helped invent car culture. Plus, his innovations and the technology developed under his leadership are legendary. And to think, he started it all in 1903 with just $28,000 in cash!

Let’s talk Ford vehicles, too. The first one sold was a Model A, to Dr. E. Pfenning in Chicago in July 1903. Since that date, Ford has sold more than 300 million vehicles worldwide. That includes the uber-popular Mustang, which will have a major celebration of its own in 2014: its 50th anniversary.

And Henry also figured out how to alter the process when it came to building vehicles. To deal with the Model T selling like hot cakes following its introduction in 1908, he revolutionized the manufacturing process by bringing the concept of the “moving assembly line” to automotive production.

These are a just a few reasons we here at Ford Social think Ford is an iconic brand. Why do you think the Blue Oval has withstood the test of time? Tell us — leave a comment to let us know your thoughts!

If you’re looking for activities to partake in for the 150th birthday, there are many events throughout the year. Be sure to click here to learn more about the ongoing celebrations. And to learn more about Ford history and Henry Ford, visit the The Henry Ford Museum either in person in Dearborn, Michigan, or click here to check it out online.

Celebrating the Life of Henry Ford